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The History of the European Paralympic Youth Games

Posted 3/21/2019

The European Paralympic Committee is a project managed by the European Paralympic Committee.


Conceived in 2011, the Games are part of the Committee’s aim to develop the Paralympic Movement by creating a platform to inspire young European athletes aged 13-23 to take part in Paralympic Sport and begin their Paralympic journey. In addition the Games aim to reflect the highest standards of athletic excellence, thus attracting many young rising stars in the Paralympic Movement to compete.


The Games are seen by many as one of the first steps for new athletes on their journey to a professional sporting career, and it’s no surprise that a significant number of athletes taking part in EYPGs have gone on to represent their country at other international events.


This combination of relatively new para-athletes, with established rising stars in the Paralympic Movement, sets the EYPGs out as an exciting competition for competitors and spectators alike.




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EPYG 2019 LOC President's Welcome

Posted 2/21/2019


With just over 4 months EPYG 2019, Tero Kuorikoski, the President of the local organising committee issued the following welcome:


Dear young Athletes, coaches and officials - Dear Paralympic family.


The warm welcome to the European Para Youth Games 2019 in Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Center Finland! Our goal is to create a Spectacular Sporting event in the Athletes' Village in Pajulahti. Memories of our beautiful summer nature will be a lifetime.


We would like to thank the European Paralympic Committee for Finland and Pajulahti.


Welcome and see you in Pajulahti! 


Tero Kuorikoski


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